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In the highly competitive world of digital marketing, business is not always easy to manage; companies must solve multiple challenges and focus on the right strategies for success. You must always analyze the market, follow the trends and have ideas to overcome your competitors and put you forward. Today more than ever, the content of your website has to be picked up and distributed on different social networks, in multiple languages. Limiting your presence on social networks to a single language or country would be restrictive for your export development. The need to communicate on social networks in different languages is therefore necessary to increase your reputation internationally. Worldwide, Internet users are massively present on social networks. Social networks are no longer as important to search engines as they have been, even if they continue to influence Search, but they must be an integral part of any web strategy targeting foreign markets. Do not wait and enjoy the many benefits that the world of the web can bring you. You do not have the time or the knowledge to do it. Entrust the mandate to SEO agency or magento development that will take care of everything. Here are some tips to strengthen your company’s presence on social networks.


Set clear goals for optimizing your digital strategy Do you want to gain new customers, establish closer relationships with those you already have, or gauge the market share your company has? To do this, it is essential to establish clear and precise objectives.  Before you even begin a digital strategy, it is very important to define the goals and objectives you want to achieve.  The web, and its various platforms, is great tools when it comes time to analyze the activities of consumers and its market share. On the other hand, in order to understand the data collected or simply to collect it, it is wise to invest in an elaborated strategic plan.


See your market share for greater profits In a digital age such as ours, ignoring the web’s contribution to the management and promotion of its business is a serious mistake.  Much more than just a broadcast medium, the web builds effective and profitable marketing strategies and offers you a wealth of analytical tools and market share information.  Know the profile and behaviors of your consumers, keep abreast of the actions taken by your competitors, offer new sales proposals are all advantages that allows you the field of digital.


Stay competitive With the contribution of new technologies, the accessibility of the web has become widely democratized, giving access to new business opportunities.  In order to remain competitive, you need to develop web tools because otherwise your competitors and start-up companies in your field will gain larger market shares which will prove harmful for your company.  To counter this, build on an online service that encourages current and new customers to engage and stay loyal.


Watch for trends; listen to people in your target market Listen to the web and social networks of the targeted country about your activity, your brand, your competition…  Where is your audience? The goal is to better know your audience locally; to understand what it expects from a company like yours. Hootsuite is a platform adapted to social monitoring. Google Alerts is also a reference for understanding the dynamics of a market.  By listening to your customers’ conversations on social networks, you can learn a lot from the competition, the expectations of potential customers, market evolutions … all valuable elements for your internationalization via the web. While the Internet offers a host of tools such as Google Analytic and Moz to measure the volume of visits to your website, they do not inform you about the impressions consumers have about your business.  That’s why it’s important to diversify your web strategy by enhancing it with several digital options. For example, choosing to bet on social networks can be an excellent choice when you want to get closer and start the discussion with your customers.


Invest in the web In order to optimize your web presence and remain competitive in the market, it is necessary to invest sufficient resources for the development, planning and implementation of your web strategy. By doing so, you ensure a better presence and greater scope to reach your customers.  But to be sure that the means you choose to use are judiciously used and not wasted unnecessarily, avoid scattering too much and dealing with multiple marketing agencies at once.   Decide on the main goal of your social media campaign in the target country or countries These objectives can be very varied: to generate more traffic to your website from social media platforms, increase the visibility of your brand, penetrate new markets via mentions on social networks, put eb place campaigns of paid advertising on social networks, provide a platform for customer attention. Use good social networks Make sure you use the right social networks: Twitter or Facebook will not be widely used in China or Russia; it will rely on other networks such as Sina Weibo, Renren and Tencent or Vkontacte for the Russian market.  It will be necessary to make sure to use the appropriate social networks: the good use of the tools is important and a preliminary analysis in the targeted country will be necessary.


 Presence by country or language? Will you need to create account for each language? If possible, think global, act local. Do not forget the ROI! 90% of European Internet users prefer to surf in their language, so to establish contact with the general public it will sometimes be necessary to adapt.  By creating specific accounts for each of the target languages, your communication will be more effective. Twitter has become a reference tool for businesses, but it can be tempting to create a single account and use it to communicate in different languages.  This can cause inconvenience to your followers. People following you will receive messages in languages they do not know. As far as possible, it is better to plan to communicate with Internet users by creating specific accounts for each market. This decision depends on the means of the company, the targeted countries, and the sector of activity. To track the ROI, set up KPIs (e.g. number of followers, retweets, visits from social networks) Impossible to be present on all the social networks. It will be appropriate to be selective.


 Use social networks to contact influencers. Influencers: these are the individuals and companies that cover your topic, and receive significant traffic on their website, have a lot of fans, followers on their Twitter account…  They manage the websites visited by your prospects. The goal is to get links to your site or mentions about the accounts of these influencers.


Encourage people to share your site’s content The content of your website must be reproduced and distributed on different social networks, in multiple languages.  Encouraging the sharing of your site content on social networks will result in multiple benefits, starting with increased traffic, and more links to your site.  Involve Internet users in the redistribution of this content on social networks. Use social sharing buttons on your website … like those offered by AddThis or ShareThis.


 Interacting with your fans is essential Interacting with your fans or followers is essential on social networks. A dialogue with your potential customers will bring you closer to them and help you overcome the traditional barriers of foreign trade.  The goal is not only to have a large amount of fans or followers (we all know today that many of the profiles created on social media are wrong), but rather to have the opportunity to interact with the target audience – to create discussions, encourage conversations. In this way, your influence on social networks will take off.


Take into account timing and seasonality on social networks The time of day, the time of the week, the season play a role. If you write on your Facebook page in the morning, and your target audience only logs in after hours, your information is lost in the news feed.  If you work for a brand for which seasonality is important (for example swimwear), this will have to be taken into account.

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