100 Reasons Why You Need To Get A Website

Why You Need A Website

Great Reasons To Get A Website

In the modern world, the invention of the Internet has brought with it so much power. However, we should not be undermined by the high power of the Internet, rather, we should embrace the digital footprint. One way in which you can take the most advantage of the Internet is by creating a website.

There are different types of websites that you can create. The two most commonly created websites are business websites and personal websites. However, you may feel that there really isn’t any need for you to create a website. After all, you are doing pretty well even without a website. So, should you really get a website?

This article discusses some great reasons why you actually need to get a website, even if you are doing well without one. Read along!

100 Website Ideas

 1.) To Share Your Art

If you are an artist, then you realize that you need a platform where you can showcase your work. An art website can provide you with such a large platform. Research conducted shows that most art websites receive an average of 1000 visits per day. Therefore, creating an art website would be the most effective way for you to share and market your artwork.

More so, with an art website, you are in a better position to reach higher levels of recognition in the field of art. If you only had an actual shop, then very few people would actually pass by and see your art. On the contrary, an art image posted on a website is exposed to thousands of people, some of whom may be potential clients and fans. Hence, if you are an artist, it is the high time you got a website.

2.) To Share Your Poetry

Most writers find sharing and promoting of their poetry to be quite a daunting task. This is especially so, since there are so many writers out there promoting their work, and even pushing for their work to be published. If you feel as if there is just no room for you in the poetry market, do not lose hope. There actually is a way in which you can market your poetry; by maintaining an author website.

An author website can prove to be very helpful to you as a poetry writer. It gives you a place where you can direct those interested in your poetry, and also allows you to showcase your work and have your voice actually heard.

3.) To Share Your Singing Skills

The Internet has now made it even easier for new singers to share and develop their music. Having a website provides a person with the opportunity to not only share their singing skills, but also experiment and be more creative with music.

In order to share and promote your singing skills on the Internet, your music website should not be static. Always adapt and change the website, such that it reflects the new events in music. By doing so, you will have more fans visiting your website at a regular basis. And, the more that fans stop by your website, the more they will be exposed to your singing skills.

4.) Help Other with Your Technical Skills

It is very common to hear people say that, ‘there are no jobs in the market.’ If you have been looking for a job for quite a while and with no positive results, it is the high time that you created a website. But, what would be the purpose of your website?

One of the major things that you could include in your website is your bio. Your bio entails information about yourself, such as your technical skills. Writing about your technical skills on a website will put you out there, making you stand out and be noticed. You will, therefore, have a better chance to be picked by companies that require the help of your specific skills and expertise.

5.) To Teach Others How to do Computer Programming

With almost every business now moving online, more people are learning how to code. For those who already have knowledge on computer programming basics, they have an added advantage. These can use the basic skills and knowledge of computer programming to create and advance a career in teaching programming. And, what better teaching platform could there be than on the Internet.

Creating a website for teaching computer programming can bring the owner many benefits. First, the website exposes the owner to a large number of clients, which include big businesses and companies. The website can also create a job opportunity for you as a coding specialist. So, if you know how to code, don’t just keep the knowledge to yourself. Get a website and start teaching about computer programming. You will be opening the door to many more opportunities.

6.) Share Your Funny Family Life

These days, life has become so busy. Everybody has got something to do, and people are finding lesser time for each other. These busy schedules are especially affecting families; parents spent most of their time at work, while the kids are either at school or busy doing their homework. This has led to a big communication gap in many families.

In order to bridge this communication gap, families would do well to get a family website. Such a website can be used by the family members to keep in touch, share photos, or even the share the interesting lives of each family member. A family website would, therefore, help to keep the family’s communication lines more open, as well as ensure that families members remain close to each other.

7.) Teach Others How to Make Money

There are many ways of making money online. Yet, when most people hear of ‘how to make money online,’ they brush this away as just mere propaganda. To them, making money online is just but an unachievable dream.

You may be among those few people who have had success in making money online. If that is so, have you ever thought about sharing your experience on a website? A website on how to make money online can serve as an illumination to those people who are trying to find a means of survival online, but with no success. You will be more happy by helping out such people. Like they say, ‘there is more happiness in giving than in receiving.’

8.) Share Your Pet to the World

Are you the sort of person that gets goosebumps by just seeing an animal? Or, do you breed several pets in your home? Well, there are more people out there who are just as passionate about animals as you are. Some of these people are new pet owners, and would benefit to hear some experiences about pets from you.

If you really love your pet, then you no doubt want to talk about it. A pet website provides you with the opportunity to talk about your most favorite companion, as much as you want. You can even use the website to teach new pet owners about pet-parenting. Get a website to share your pet to the world, and you will be a valued pet influencer.

9.) Show the World How to Take Care of Roses

Roses are a symbol of love and beauty. They are the top-most gifts that people give to their loved ones. And, with the development of online shopping, people are always searching for online shops where they can purchase roses.

If you engage in the rose business, you most likely have an online shop for roses. However, you can try to be even more unique by going ahead and getting a website for teaching others how to plant and care for roses. Who wouldn’t want to have a garden of roses in their home? Getting such a website is not only guaranteed to generate more traffic for you, but you can also use such a website to promote your rose business.

10.) Share Garden Tips

One of the most rewarding activities that people engage in is managing a garden. This could be a personal garden, or even a community garden. Despite the rewarding experience that this can be, managing a garden is also one of the most challenging activities that there can be. This is why you find most people seeking advice from wherever they can, on how to manage a garden.

If you own a garden, or are a gardener somewhere, then you no doubt have a deep knowledge of what entails gardening. As more people strive to manage their gardens, they would very much benefit from the advice of a person with experience in the field. And, the best place that you could share this information would be on a website, where majority of people can access.

11.) Show Others How to Save Space in their Apartments

The biggest problem that most people have in their apartment is space. You could either be living in a small apartment, or even in a big apartment, but with several roommates. Such small living spaces make it difficult for most people to transform these into functional living spaces.

As a creative person, you can make the most out of this situation. You can get a website in which you can share some tips on how to save and maximize on space in small apartments. If you live in a small apartment yourself, you would even be in a better position to demonstrate these tips practically.

 12.) Show Others How to Crotchet

Most people work from Monday to Friday, with the weekends being considered as a time to have fun and engage in hobbies. A hobby which records very high numbers is crocheting. Crocheting is not just a hobby but also a skill, which is the reason why most people love crocheting.

A crocheting website targets all those people learning to crotchet, whether beginners or advanced. You can use such a website to shows others how to crotchet, help them start a crocheting business, or even promote your own crocheting business.

13.) Show Your Love for Insects

All animals, and especially insects, are a never-ending source of fascination. While there are game reserves and parks for bigger animals, there are no such set reserves for insects. Yet, insects are just an important part of nature as the bigger animals, and people have an equal right to learn about these.

In order to share your passion for insects, you can consider getting an interactive website about insects. Through this website, you can share ideas and knowledge about the nature’s smaller creatures. You can even use this website as a learning source for biology students.

14.) Show Your Best Weight Loss Tips

If it’s something that people get bullied a lot about is their weight. Overweight and obese people don’t really fit into the society, and always fall subject to mockery by others. You may be a nutritionist, or simply have a knowledge of how to lose weight. If that is your case, you can try getting a website to show the best weight loss tips.

Teaching people how to lose weight can help to provide these with the motivation that they need, especially when you share your own personal experience on how you successfully shed those extra pounds. Furthermore, by helping others lose weight, you will be helping them have a higher self esteem, and hence fit more in the society.

15.) Show Your Best Hair Styles for Curly Hair

Curly hair can be very attractive. However, when it comes to styling, curly hair can prove to be very stubborn and resistant to all styling options. You can easily create a website to show those with curly hair how they can get their curls to behave regularly.

To start off, you can start learning on how to style curly hair with simple things, such as Bobby pins. Then, you can create step-by-step videos on how to style curly hair, then post these on your website. You can also include both formal and casual hairstyles for curly hair. Your website will prove to be an inspiration for those curly-haired ladies/gents, who most probably spent their days as bad-hair days.

16.) Share Your Biggest Mysteries

People love mysteries. We all love being challenged by unravelled puzzles, cerebral and other mysteries. This is why we have all sorts of mystery games and plays that are made available for people to engage in, as a form of entertainment.

However, people don’t really have to physically play or go for shows so as to experience the thrill of solving a mystery. You can make such mysteries available to people online, through a website. In your website, you could include stories about your biggest mysteries, or even mysteries about other people. Or, you could include a game in your website where people can play games about solving mysteries, or alternatively where they can talk about their own mysteries.

17.) Share Your Travel Adventures

About 10 years ago, online travel websites did not exist. People had to go to a physical travel company, so as to acquire information on where and how to travel to different destinations. In the recent past, online agencies have been developed, where people can access all information about traveling.

Every person has their own travel adventures. However, you don’t have to be in a traveling agency, so as to share with others about your adventures on traveling. Any person can create a traveling website, through which they can share with others the best places they visited and what they enjoyed most. Creating a travel website can help you share useful information, which can help others make wise decisions on where to tour and visit.

 18.) To Answer Frequently Asked Questions

Another way in which you can make use of the Internet is by creating a website which allows others to ask you questions, which you then provide answers for. For instance, you can create a website similar to Quora, or StackOverflow. All you need to do is create questions, about any topic of your choosing, then provide answers for each of the question asked.

Question and answer websites are very helpful, as they engage people. Most people love websites which allow them to participate, hence, creating such a website can help to generate more traffic for you. Furthermore, readers are most likely to keep visiting your blog, as you update more questions and answers.

 19.) Share Family Happiness Tips to Couples

The previous decade was the time in history that recorded the highest divorce rates of all time. Still, there are those few surviving families that have managed to remain happy, even amidst the tribulations that come up in marriage. If you live in such a family, you can prove to be a great resource to those families that are going through trying times.

Simply get a website, then share the tips that have helped you and your partner stay happy in your marriage life. You can also share pictures of both of you, your children and other inspiring images that can motivate other couples and families.

20.) To Review Products

Sometimes we buy things, only to use them and realize that the item was just but a waste of money. It is times such as these that we wish someone would have advised us before we made the purchase.

You can consider creating a review website, in which you can write reviews about different products sold in the market. For instance, you can write reviews about Amazon products, and even becoming an Amazon affiliate while you’re at it. In this website, you can also make comparisons about similar products. By doing so, you will be enlightening people on what products to buy, so that they don’t regret their purchases later on.

21.) To Teach People on Frugal Living

Frugal living is a type of living which focuses on saving money. For instance, using your car to get to work would mean spending more money purchasing for fuel or gas. In such a case, frugal living would include riding a bike, or even walking to work, such that money which would’ve otherwise been spent on fuel or gas is saved.

Since most people earn average salaries, getting a frugal website would be a wise decision. Most people are looking for tips on how to save more money, hence, your website would come in handy for such people. You can share on the website simple tips of saving money, such as how to save money on groceries, not buying new things, among other options that have helped you save more.

22.) Teach People How to Dance

Sometimes it’s the middle of the week, and people just want to dance and let go of all the work pressure. Or, it is simply on a weekend, and people want to join a salsa dance class, or any other dance lesson offered.

With the increasing popularity of online dance lessons, you could create your own dance lessons website on the Internet. You can use this website to talk about dancing, or include videos and tutorials which teach people how to dance. You also decide to specialize in one particular dance, or even hold several different dance lessons on your website.

 23.) Teaching People About Fashion

Fashion is one of the most popular trends that keep changing very fast. Keeping up with the latest trends in fashions is very hard for most of us, which is the reason why we usually opt for the Internet to keep us updated.

A fashion website can be very helpful in helping fashion lovers discover the latest and most popular tends in fashion. Such a website can also be used for branding your fashion business online. You can include photos of the latest designs, where these can be bought, and even links through which a person can access these latest trends. By including links, you will be earning money while teaching people about fashion.

 24.) Teach Others How to Play the Guitar

Whether you are a pro in playing the guitar, or are a complete beginner learning the basics of playing the guitar, you can still get a website. As a guitar pro, you can use the website to teach others how to play the guitar. You can do so by including tutorial videos on how to play guitar. Also, you could share and promote your own recordings through this website.

If you are a beginner learning how to play the guitar, you can use the website to share with others on your journey to learning guitar. This could include the trials and tribulations that you are going through in your learning, as well as what helps you to master the guitar. Such information can motivate other learners facing similar tribulations not to give up in their journey to learning guitar.

 25.) Talk About Celebrities

Everybody loves some gossip. And, what better gossip could there be than that about our favorite celebrities. In order to satisfy the curiosity of celebrity lovers, you can get a website dedicated to talking about celebrities.

Through this website, people will be able to stalk their favorite celebrities, follow all their moves, and talk about them. Since celebrities have many followers, getting a website that talks about these is guaranteed to get you many followers, as well as a high traffic. Furthermore, you will be satisfying people’s curiosities, and in the process, you will get to know your favorite celebrities even better.

26.) Write About Different ‘How To Guides’

Do you remember when you bought your phone, computer or any other device? There is a high possibility that you didn’t read the manual that came with the device. Most people don’t read instruction manuals. And, even when they do read these, the higher chance is that they get bored before they even complete the manual.

This why most people opt to search for and read ‘how to guides’ on Google. Therefore, writing about different ‘how to guides’ on your website can generate a lot of traffic and audience for you. You can write guides about the most purchased items, or for a particular niche audience.

27.) Share Tips on Leading a Self-sustaining Life

With life becoming even tougher, people would benefit from getting advice on how to lead a self-sustaining life. You can use your website to encourage your audience to lead a self-sustaining life.  For instance, you could share tips that can help them become more independent and save more money, such as growing their own groceries, and using solar power, rather than electricity.

28.) Discuss Politics

Politics is a subject that is always popular throughout the year. Especially when elections are approaching, the subject on politics becomes even more heated. You can use a website to talk about different political topics. The political topics could either be local or national.

However, if you allow for your audience to join in the conversations about politics, remember that this topic can be dicey at times. Therefore, you should always be prepared to handle controversies that occur.

29.) Teach Others How To Make a Good Schedule

We all lead very busy lives, and there just seems no time left for socializing with others or for engaging in hobbies. You can dedicate your website to teaching people how to make good schedules.

A good schedule would be that which allows a person to work, and at the same time make time for other fun activities. For instance, you can share with your audience how you manage to balance your work and fun activities.

30.) Talk About Bacon

Almost every person loves bacon. The subject on bacon is a trend that has always been there, and is not likely to go away any soon. So, get a website and share with others your love for bacon. An example of such a website is the Huffington Post; it has an entire archive with all articles written about bacon.

31.) Tell Others What’s in Your Bucket List

One way you can connect deeply with your audience is by sharing with them what is in your bucket list. This includes the things that you hope to do and places that you hope to visit, before you die. Explain not just what is in your bucket list, but also why you intend to do that particular thing, or visit that particular place.

32.) Write About Different Recipes

Even if you are the best chef, there is always that one dish that you love but don’t know how to cook. Or, it could be thanksgiving, or any other holiday, and you would like to try out a new dish.

During such cases, we tend to opt for Google to learn on how to cook these foods. Due to the high traffic that topics about recipes generates, you could consider writing about different recipes in your website.

33.) Share Your Inspiration

What is your inspiration? Opening up to your online audience about what really inspires you, and why these things inspire you, can work to motivate and encourage very many people. More so, sharing your inspiration on a website can lead to your audience deriving some creative ideas from your story, which can help them make a difference in their lives.

34.) Write on Beginner Guides

Before people learn the most advanced stuff, they will need to start somewhere. This is why new learners always start by searching for beginner guides. You can decide to specialize on a particular topic, such as, computer networking, then write beginner guides for the intended niche audience.

35.) Recommend What Books to Read

It is much easier to search for a book synopsis online, than to read the back page of each book so as to tell what it’s about. You can get a website, where you write the synopsis of the most popular novels and books. In the website, you could also give recommendations of what books to read, for each genre.

36.) Write on Ultimate Guides

An ultimate guide can be defined as the opposite of a beginner guide. Like the name suggests, an ultimate guide provides a more advanced and detailed information on a subject matter. Ultimate guides are usually intended for subject matter experts.

If you are an expert on a particular subject, you could use your website to write on different ultimate guides about that topic. And, in order to make it more convincing, you can back up your ultimate guides with proven statistics.

37.) Discuss What Goals People Can Set

Most people lack any goals in future, which makes their lives meaningless. You can consider using your website to encourage people to set realistic goals. Share with your audience the importance of setting goals, and even discuss specific goals that these can set for their future. By doing so, you will giving your online audience a purpose in life.

38.) Write About Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently asked questions (FAQs) are used as a reliable resource by most people. You can, therefore, tap into this high traffic resource by creating a website on frequently asked questions. You can major your questions to focus on a particular niche, such as, the E-commerce. Alternatively, you can write about different frequently asked questions for different topic niches.

39.) Share Tips on How to Break Free from Addictions

Habits are very easy to develop, yet very difficult to break free from. While some people turn to therapists to help them break free from addictions, most people look for help from the Internet. Therefore, using your website to write about how to break free from addictions can generate a high traffic to your site.

40.) Teach People How to Pass Interviews

With the advancing technology, more people are being rendered jobless, as machines replace them. These jobless people, in turn, turn to Google to search for jobs online and any advice that they can get about job seeking.

You can use your website to offer some advice on job seekers, such as how to pass interviews. You could do this by including the most commonly asked questions in interviews, and offering tips on how to behave during interviews.

41.) Teach Others How to Achieve Goals

Setting of goals is very easy and can be done by anybody. However, the big challenge comes in achieving these goals. Have you ever thought about using your website to help others achieve their goals?

In your website, you could include tips that helped you achieve your goals. Sharing your goals with your online audience can also help you connect with them at a deeper level.

42.) Share Your Personal Stories

Telling stories is an art. If you have a good mastery of this skill, then you don’t have to keep sharing your stories with just family and friends. You can increase your listening audience by sharing these stories with the online audience on your website. You can share personal stories with the intention of motivating your audience. If your stories reach their hearts, then you will get yourself a returning audience.

43.) Share Your Very First Memory

What is the first memory you remember, since you were born? There are people who would like to hear what your first memory was. So, think about what your first memory is, and write this up on your website.

44.) Promote Charitable Organizations and Activities

Sometimes, people are in the spirit of giving. So, if you support a particular charitable organization or event, you can talk about this in your website. For instance, you can showcase some of the good things that the organization has done, and also appeal to others to contribute.

45.) Share What Scares You the Most

This is a very fun way to use your website. You can  share with your audience the things that scare you the most in the world. You could also explain how you overcame some of these fears, and provide a platform where others also share their scariest things and how they overcame these.

46.) Write About Different Product Reviews

Among the most trusted sites, that also generate high traffic, are the product review sites. Therefore, if you intend to use your website to generate a high traffic and make money, then you should consider writing product reviews. It is highly recommended that when you are writing product reviews, you major on one niche, for credibility purposes.

47.) Teach Others How to Deal with Distractions

Distractions can be good when we have free time, but disastrous when we have important things to do. If you have a website, you can use it to enlighten your audience on the most common distractions that we encounter. More so, you can share tips on how to deal with these distractions.

48.) Discuss Breaking News

You can use your website to discuss on different breaking news topics. However, this does not mean that you compete with the other main news outlets. You can avoid always being the first to break a story. Rather, take your time to make sure that you have all the facts right, then you can publish the story on your website.

49.) Give Suggestions on the Best Movies

Even with all the movie options on Netflix, and other movie streaming sites, most of us can’t really decide what to watch. In an effort to avoid a situation where we watch a movie and have to stop it halfway since it’s boring, we turn to Google to search for the top-rated movies and series.

You can use your website to give recommendations to your audience for the best movies. You can even allow the audience to leave reviews about the movies they watch, which can help others decide on what to watch.

50.) Debunk Myths

There are facts and myths about almost everything. People love when such myths are debunked, and they learn what they have been doing all wrong the whole time. So, you can make your website a myth-debunking site, where you differentiate the myths and facts of different industries.

51.) Discuss What to Look for When Hiring

You can use your website to target business employers, by writing tips on how to choose the best employees. In this website, you can talk about the qualities and characteristics that employers should always look for, before they can hire someone.

Such a website will not only attract employers, but also job seekers and employees trying to learn what qualities will put them at a better position to be employed, or maintain their jobs.

52.) Teach Others How to Automate Things

In the business world, the subject on automation is gaining a lot of popularity. Therefore, you can use your website to write posts that teach on how to automate different things. However, since automation is a broad topic, you would do well to choose a particular type of automation and post about this.

53.) Explain How to Use Social Media to Grow More Traffic

Most new bloggers are interested to know how they can use the social media to generate a higher traffic and make more sales. You can do research on this topic, then use your website to discuss the most effective tips of using social media for expanding a business. Such a website will attract the large audience of bloggers out there.

54.) Write on Troubleshooting Guides

At most times, when content seekers encounter a problem, they look for a solution online. Most of these solutions are found on troubleshooting guides. Writing a troubleshooting guide on your website can, therefore, serve to generate a lot of traffic on your direction.

55.) Share Tips on How to Beat Competitors

Nobody wants to be second position; we all want to be the best. If you are one of those people that have had success in their endeavors, you can use your website to share with the audience different tips on how a person can be better than their competitors.

56.) Hold a Contest

A while back, contests held on websites were considered a scam and being cheap. Recently, however, contests have been gaining a lot of popularity online, as more people try to challenge themselves. Holding different contests in your website can be a good way to draw more people to the website.

57.) Discuss the Tips That Never Work

It is very common to find topics about tips on what to do. However, rarely do people write about what tips not to do, or which tips never work. You can, therefore, make yours a unique website by writing about the most recommended tips that actually never work for most people, for instance, marketing tips that don’t work.

58.) Provide Advice to People

Any piece of advice given is always considered a treasured commodity. Your website can, therefore, rise to prominence by simply providing valuable advice to your audience, on different subject matters. Examples of similar websites that are popular for their providing advice are the Lifehacker and Lifehack websites.

59.) Share the Story of How You Started Your Career

Motivating stories tend to capture the attention of most people. Especially since most people lack jobs, or are trying to start their own businesses, writing your own story on how you successfully started a career can attract and motivate a large audience. In the story, you can include topics like what challenges you faced and how you overcame them.

60.) Teach Others How to Be More Productive

People want to be able to do more and make more money, with the little time that they have. They are always looking for tips on how to be more productive, and make time for doing more things. Getting a website to write on tips that can help people be more productive would, therefore, come in handy for most people, generating a high traffic for you.

61.) Share Customer Success Stories

If you own a business, you can get a website to start sharing the success stories of your customers. When you sell a product/service to satisfied customer, try requesting them to express their appreciation on your website. This can help to promote your business, as well as the products you deal with.

62.) Talk About Cheap Travel

Everybody loves an adventure. However, most of us don’t have the money and time to travel around the world and make some good memories. In order to capture the audience niche that yearns to travel but lack the means to do so, you could consider writing about cheap travel in your website. For example, you could talk about the cheapest, yet fun places to visit, or how to save on money when traveling.

63.) Start a Series on a Particular Topic

Some subjects that people learn about are so extensive, that they can’t actually be covered in a single post. If you know of such extensive topics, then you can use your website to start a series on such topics. You could be writing a subtopic of your chosen subject weekly, monthly, or within whichever time duration you prefer.

64.) Teach History

Teaching history lessons can be a great way for you to use your website. Most websites tend to focus on current events, with very few focusing on history. You can, therefore, take advantage of this fact by writing consistent history topics on your website.

65.) Share Your Secrets

Sharing your secrets on a website doesn’t mean that you have to tell your online audience every single secret about yourself. This mostly applies to the business field. Being more transparent and authentic about your business can help you to develop a deep connection with your online audience. You can do this by sharing the metrics, revenue numbers and other relevant statistics of your business.

66.) Share GIFs and Memes

All social media sites have one thing in common; GIFs and memes. This simply demonstrates the great love that people have for memes and GIFs. You can take advantage of this by getting a website to share memes and GIFs. And, especially can you generate a high traffic when you share the most popular and trending memes and GIFs on your website.

67.) Share Your Fitness Goals and Tips

There are people out there who are trying to lose that extra belly fat, or simply start their day with a few minutes of exercise, but lack enough motivation. Creating a website where you can share your fitness goals and tips can attract this large audience niche.

You can use this website to talk about the realistic goals that people can set when exercising, as well as tips on how a person can get the most out of their workout.

68.) Share Funny Stories

People are always looking for humor and entertainment. This is why people share funny stories on social media sites, and get very many likes and comments. You can use your website to share funny posts. They can be your own original funny stories, or already existing posts that are guaranteed to make your audience laugh.

69.) Share Infographics

With so much available content on the Internet, people are more interested in content that can be proven true. So, you can use your website to publish posts that mainly consist of infographics.

A post consisting of infographics includes very many facts and statistics. Such an infographic website would even catch the eye of other content websites looking for proven statistics.

70.) Share Tips About Parenting

If you are a successful parent, you can share with other parents some tips that helped you becomes a good parent. However, you don’t have to be a parent so as to write a website about parenting.

If you’re not a parent yourself, you can share parenting tips from the experience you had with your parents, as a child. Websites about parenting can be intended for specifically mothers, or fathers, or both parents.

71.) Talk About the Best-ofs

When you get a website, you can consider writing about different best-ofs. For instance, you can write about the best-of each decade, such as, the best-of the 2000s. Also, you can write about the best-of most purchased items, such as, the best-of washing machines. Such a website is highly likely to draw the attention of more readers, as they look for best things to do/purchase.

72.) Update Your Audience on Upcoming Events

A website can also be used for updating others about upcoming events. These could be local events, such as concerts and book-reading events, or even international events, such as the Olympics or World Cup. When writing about popular events on your website, make sure to include all the required details, such as time and location.

73.) Discuss Different Gift Ideas

During holidays, people just can’t seem to figure out what gifts to give to their friends and partners. This is also usually the case, even for friends who have known each other for a long time.

Therefore, you can use your website to write a guide on how to choose the best gifts for friends/partners. You can even include affiliate links alongside gifts, so as to generate revenue for yourself.

74.) Discuss Different Internet Stars

You can use your website to talk about some of the biggest Internet stars, for instance, the PewDiePie. Talking about such big stars on your website can help you gain more followers, hence stay more competitive in the search engine machines.

75.) Provide Tech Support

If you are a technology geek, then it is the high time you showcased your skills through your website. You don’t have to own a company or be part of one, so as to offer tech support. On your website, simply talk about the technological services that you offer, as well the hardware and software knowledge and skills that you possess. This will help to offer you with more opportunities to provide tech support.

76.) Make Fun of Yourself

Nobody really likes laughing at themselves. However, we all enjoy laughing at other people, even if in secret. So, use your website to make other people laugh. Talk about your bad habits and your weaknesses in the website. Tell your your audience about your neuroses, and all the crazy things that you do when you’re afraid. Make fun of these.

For instance, you can make fun of how you once lost your self control and wet your pants in public. When you share with others such stories about yourself, you will attract more people to your site, since every person adores laughing at others.

77.) Tell a Secret About You

Do you have a secret that you’ve actually never told anyone about? It could be something that you did or said, when you were a kid, or even as an adult. You could share these secrets about yourself on your website.

Don’t just mention the secrets. Make whole posts for each secret, and even make fun of yourself while you’re at it. And, since people love secrets so much, you can trust that you will gain a big audience for your website.

78.) Share Your Favorite Quotes

It could be that someone send you a quote, or you read some quotes somewhere, and they really touched your heart. You could share with the public some of these quotes that gave you chills.

When sharing quotes on a website, explain why these touched your heart. How did they change your outlook on life? What does the quote mean in your life. One of the quotes that most people love, and that you can talk about is the quote; ‘Roses are red, violets are blue…’

79.) Share the Crazy New Things That You’ve Tried

You can set a goal for yourself, to always try a new crazy thing after a specific time duration. For example, you could try to cook and eat a bug. When you do anything as crazy, share it on your website.

You can let your audience know how the experience was, in details. People love such crazy things, and you will for sure make for your website a large audience by sharing the ridiculous things that you try.

80.) Do a ‘Top Ten’ List

You can use your website to create posts in which you rank the ‘top tens’ of things. This ranking that you do could either be for a specific niche, or for generally every topic you can think about.

For instance, you can write about ‘Top Ten Blogging Websites.’ The fact that you came to this site, means that there are many other bloggers out there who don’t know just what to write about. So, having a website where you discuss about blogging can generate a high traffic to your website.

81.) Bring Up Old Arguments

Age old arguments could be about politics, or other stories that were trending a while back. These stories and arguments never really die; what usually happens is that new arguments come up, and people focus on these and forget about the old arguments.

So, stir the pot and bring up age old arguments in your website. You will be surprised how many people never actually forgot about these stories. This is a fun way to get your website a large audience. It doesn’t matter whether they will be talking or yelling.

82.) Respond to Recent Events

Responding to the recent events is also another interesting way you can use your website. Always be keen and take note of the trending stories, whether local or international. For example, did the president make a bad comment or decision? Or, did a celebrity get a nose job?

Talk about these interesting recent stories in your website. Let your audience know what your opinions are about the topic. You can also allow your audience to have a share in your website and share their opinions as well.

83.) Write Jokes

Websites that include jokes, or are all about jokes, are simply loved by everyone. Why not write jokes in your website? You could even create your own original jokes, and include them in the website.

A joke doesn’t have to be a long story. It could be just a simple statement, with a catchy and hilarious punchline. The classic jokes you write in the website can do a lot to attract people to your website.

84.) Create a Poll

Who doesn’t like voting and sharing their opinions? However, people don’t have to wait for the next elections so as to vote. Make yours a unique website by creating a poll. You can research for interesting topics that have multiple approaches, then make a poll on your website, where people can vote and see which approach is liked the best.

For example, you can ask which color people would prefer for their wedding, then let them vote. This would be both fun and resourceful to your audience.

85.) Share Your Wildest Dreams

What have you always dreamed of since you were a child? Do you dream of being an astronaut some day and visiting planet Mars? Or, do you ever dream of baking a giant blueberry muffin and eating it in a matter of minutes?

Share on your website your wildest dreams and goals. Also, let your audience participate and share their wildest and craziest dreams as well. Who knows? Maybe, someone in your audience could make your wildest dreams come true!

86.) Talk About Your Failures

Most people talk about about the positives in their life; how they gained their fame, success, wealth, and generally how they made it in life. Rarely do people talk about their failures. Yet, the fact is that no life is perfect; every person has their own ups and downs.

So, make yours a more realistic website, by not just talking about your success, but also your failures. Share with your audience about those times when you fell ‘face first.’ These failures are what define you, and people will be curious to hear them from you.

87.) Share Your Conspiracy Theories

Every person has their own conspiracy theories, about one thing or the other. Think about your own conspiracy theories. Do you believe that aliens really exist ? And, who do you think the milkman is?

Talk about the conspiracy theories that you have on your website. Share your theories on everything that you actually believe is being used as a cover for something far much bigger. Your online audience will indeed be very interested to read about these theories that you have.

88.) Pose Existential Questions

Today, people have so many questions that lack any solid answers. You could pose such existential questions on your website and write about them. For instance, you could write about the existential question of ‘What is man’s main purpose on Earth?’

Since such questions don’t have a solid answer, you could write about them even more than once in your website. Exploit every answer that there is, and allow your audience to even share their opinions on that.

89.) Create a Memorial

If you have lost someone, or something like a dog or any other pet, you can keep them in your mind by writing about them in your website. Create a memorial in your website, and talk about the person or something that you lost. By doing so, these loved ones or pets will not just live on in your mind, but also in your audience’s minds.

90.) Discuss Random Dates

Most people only keep in mind the dates for major holidays. However, when you do research, you will realize that there is something unique about each date. So pick a random date, research what happened on that particular day, then write about it in your website.

For instance, you can write about what was invented on that day. Or, you can write about what a particular famous person in history did. By using your website in such a manner, you will be making it a good source of history.

91.) Showcase Your Possessions

This may sound to you like something that only a proud person would do. However, this is a very good way to use your website. As curious as people are, they would like to take a peek into your life, and see some of the things that you’ve got.

So, showcase that scented candle that you got. Let your online audience see the hand-painted dishes in your kitchen, and the master’s degree that you have hang on your wall. By showcasing pictures of your possessions, you will attract a higher traffic to your website.

92.) Share the Lessons You Have Learnt in Life

If you have a website, then you can use it to be a good influence to others, especially the young ones. Share with your young online audience the mistakes that you made in life, and the lessons that you learnt these. When you share such learnt lessons, you will help other people avoid most pitfalls that they would have gone through.

93.) Post Your Bad Habits

If you have a bad habit, share it with your online audience. Tell the world about how you smoke too much, drink too much, or any other bad habit that you have. It doesn’t have to be a big addiction. You can even write simple things that you have an habit of doing, such as biting your nails a lot.

Also, you can write about the strategy that you have set to break free from these habits. Update your online audience daily about both your progress and relapses.

94.) Write Your Biography

Another interesting way you can use your website is by publishing your biography. When writing a biography in your website, start by including your date of birth. Then, you can share with others the story of your life.

Tell people everything there is to know about your life. Don’t just write a single post, write several posts about yourself, and share all your best and worst experiences.

95.) Tell Others How You Would Spent Your Lottery Money

If you were announced as the winner of a particular lottery today, how would you spend all that money? You can pose such a question on your website. Then, discuss how you would spent the money, and why you would spend it as such.

The good thing about writing this in your website is that; you can change the answers as you mature, or even as preferences change. This means that you can tackle the question more than once.

96.) Teach Others How to Protect Their Sites From Hackers

Most Google websites explain how you can protect your blog from hackers, but they do so in a complicated manner which is rarely understood by majority. This is where you come in. You can use your website to teach people a simple way of protecting their sites/blogs from hackers. Explain step-by-step how this can be done, and use a simple language that even beginners can understand.

97.) Summarize Books and Articles

With the busy schedule we have, very few of us have time to read an entire book or article. You can read a popular book or a lengthy article that is loved by most people, then write the main idea and a summary of the book or article on your website.

People who love reading books but don’t have the time can, therefore, benefit from reading the summarized content on your website. You will be saving people a lot of time, while at the same time satisfying their love of reading to the full.

98.) Invite People to Ask You Any Question

You can use your website to engage your followers. For example, you can invite them to ask you any question that they feel like asking, then you can provide your responses. Do not just provide simple responses, but write lengthy and interesting posts to answer the questions asked. Such an engaging website is guaranteed to keep your online audience growing, and even coming back.

99.) Discuss That Which Drives You Nuts

There is always that particular person or activity that drives us nuts. Talk about it in your website. Is it how other people chew gum loudly? Rant and rave about that activity in your website.

Your online audience would enjoy reading your posts on what drives you nuts, and some would even relate to it. So get your website, and let off that steam to your online audience.

100.) Discuss Your Dream Girl/Guy

You could already have your dream partner, or not. Whether you are single or have a partner, you can make your website more interesting by talking about your dream girl or guy. Share what you like most about them, from their physique to their qualities.

What drew you closer to them? What was the first thing you noticed about them? Share all that information with your public audience, and you will see how your website generates a high traffic from simply talking about that.


Simply put, the best way that you can communicate is through a website. Getting a website provides you with many opportunities that have no boundaries. The best part about getting a website is that; you can choose whichever topic information that you prefer to write about. So, what are you waiting for? Get yourself a website, and start connecting with the world.


We have a love for marketing and entrepreneurism. Please come back for more on the subject from our blog. Enjoy

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