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Our Marketing and SEO services bring those who are looking for your product or service to your website. And since people search in so many ways, using so many vehicles, we get you found on different entities on the web.

Since 2009 Expert SEO Services has provided unique and efficient on page optimization techniques that get search engines to see your website as the one to go to for your selected words.  Our specialized SEO services on page techniques selects the right keywords and optimizes your website for those who are “ready to buy” your product or services. We know how to get you customers.



Reach your audience through our targeted Social Media Marketing.
By posting relevant, appealing and shareable content, we promote you as
an authority in your field and one who cares about your audience.



Finding whitehat backlinking opportunities is the most effective and powerful way to grow your business. Let us do the hard work for you.

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Our PPC Campaign Creation and Management Services uses pinpoint
and laser focused targeting that saves you money and increases you ROI.



By using white hat techniques we maintain a safe and lasting website marketing campaign. No need to fear upcoming Google updates.
No wonder our customers stay with us for years.



Our website optimization services works fast. You will see results to your ranking within weeks or sooner! But it doesn’t stop there. We will send you a monthly ranking report showing your steady growth. And in no time, those phones will be ringing!


We back up all changes and updates to your website so you won’t have anything to fear. We got your back.


We are an affordable SEO company. But don’t let that fool you. Though very competitively priced, we produce results.


We get you found on multiple platforms in multiple venues. Why? Because people don’t shop just one way. We get you in front of them no matter where they shop.


We send you reports on time every month. Our consistent reporting will give you that warm and fuzzy feeling.


Our super strong on page game and off page SEO campaigns will show you results FAST!


We can’t guarantee it, but we pride ourselves in having our client enjoy consistent monthly growth in their website ranking.
Try us and see.


We keep our eyes on the pulse of life and make use of the latest trends to get your site found by those looking for it.


We don’t want to brag, but our customer service can not be beat. We always respond to inquiries and questions within 3 hours or less.

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Tips To Finding The Best Small Business SEO Company For Your Budget

Why do you go to McDonald’s to eat when you could just walk into the restaurant in your neighborhood and grab a snack? There’s one explanation; some love the quality and the first-class service .

To be frank, there are several companies that claim to offer affordable SEO services for small businesses – there’s the good, the bad, and the ugly.

If you’ve ever been a victim of bad SEO services, you’ll know how important it is to find the right SEO company with a proven track record of offerimg affordable SEO services to small and large businesses alike.

In the words of Katie Birkbeck of BlueCorona, “a good SEO company will treat your site like their own”. Aside from treating your site like their own, below is a list of the benefits finding the right SEO company brings to you.

  1. Access to affordable SEO Plans: SEO services tend to be expensive. However, with proper streamlining of plans and packages, you have the flexibility to choose what you want and can afford. Additionally, in some cases, you can easily reach out to the company’s customer support team and have them adjust a plan based on your needs. So if you’re a small business owner, don’t lose sleep; lots of companies offer affordable SEO services for small businesses.
  2. Proper Site Analysis: The first thing an SEO company does is to do a proper site analysis on your website. Every SEO company has a team of professional individuals each waiting to do what they know is best to do for your site. This makes their services much better than the services of single SEO consultants – jacks of all but masters of none. A site analysis is often broken into different sections which differ from one SEO company to another:
    1. Site Structure Analysis
    2. Content Analysis
    3. Off Page Analysis
    4. Continual Analysis

Depending on the standards of the SEO company you choose, you can make adjustments based on your needs.

  1. No Black or Gray Hat SEO:  Most businesses don’t care if the SEO service they are getting is black hat (bad) , gray (medium bad) hat or (great) white hat. But you certainly need to know that white hat SEO is the way forward and that’s what most SEO companies offer. White Hat SEO saves you the stress of getting penalized by Google. There’s no gainsaying that SEO companies value their reputation, so none of them will do anything that will backfire. This saves you from being penalized by Google updates such as Panda or Penguin which can cost you valuably: lost vistors and clients.
  2. Proper Connections: Team members working for you from the SEO companies have friends who have friends that have friends… and the list goes on. They belong to a proper network of individuals who have great value. This means lots of expert opinions will be sought for your website and you’ll remain clean.

At this juncture, there’s every reason to believe you’ve noted the advantages of finding the right SEO company for your business. But one question still begs to be answered; how do I find the right SEO company?

We are accustomed to the “look before you leap” policy, however, looks are deceptive. Online reviews can be skewed or even fraudulent.  And many have gotten hurt with just this approach.

Here are a few things you should know before choosing an SEO service.

  1. Your SEO goals: SEO starts with you, literally. It starts with you deciding what type of goals you want to achieve. Better content, better search engine rankings, higher number of backlinks or better site structure… Decide what you want. Then, you’ll be able to track the results when the SEO company starts working on your project.
  2. SEO is not a one-time project: If any SEO company tells you they’ll achieve Y Results in X period of time, run for your life. A genuine SEO company will always tell you plainly that SEO isn’t a one-time thing. It’s a continual process. However, a time frame for individual, progressive steps may be given by the company.
  3. There’s No Secret to SEO: There may be a thing or two an SEO company knows about SEO you don’t, but there’s certainly no secrets. Don’t get carried away by the sweetness on the lips of their consultants and agents. But feel free to ask questions. If they don’t allow questions, then don’t allow them onto your project.
  4. Look out for testimonials + verify their testimonials: An SEO company will always share testimonials on their sites as a means of showing off their portfolio. If you can, find the emails, Facebook and Twitter handles of any of the clients whose testimonials were shared and message them. You might be lucky to get a reply. The words of these testifiers will certainly go a long way in helping you decide to do or not to do.

Finding the best affordable SEO company is not always a herculean task.

Finally, it’s important to know that SEO isn’t done on a cheap budget. Brace up yourself for the expenses. If you do it right, you’ll reap the fruits in no time at all.

Here at Expert SEO Services, we can take your local business to the next level. GET STARTED NOW!


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