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Many have been frustrated with small business SEO services.  The’ve gotten many promises, no results, but have paid a lot of money. Frustration. But at RocketDriver we want you to be happy with our results.  Give us a try. You won’t be disappointed.

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Our Marketing and SEO services bring those who are looking for your product or service to your website. And since people search in so many ways, using so many vehicles, we get you found on different entities on the web.

Since 2009 Expert SEO Services has provided unique and efficient on page optimization techniques that get search engines to see your website as the one to go to for your selected words.  Our specialized SEO services on page techniques selects the right keywords and optimizes your website for those who are “ready to buy” your product or services. We know how to get you customers.



Reach your audience through our targeted Social Media Marketing.
By posting relevant, appealing and shareable content, we promote you as
an authority in your field and one who cares about your audience.



Finding whitehat backlinking opportunities is the most effective and powerful way to grow your business. Let us do the hard work for you.

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Our Facebook Campaign Creation and Management Services uses pinpoint
and laser focused targeting that saves you money and increases you ROI. We can target nationally or locally within a mile of your local business. Call us to discuss.



By using white hat techniques we maintain a safe and lasting website marketing campaign. No need to fear upcoming Google updates.
No wonder our customers stay with us for years.



Our website optimization services works fast. You will see results to your ranking within weeks or sooner! But it doesn’t stop there. We will send you a monthly ranking report showing your steady growth. And in no time, those phones will be ringing!



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Website Audit Services

Purpose of Website Audit Services:

The main purpose of website audit make sure that all functional areas of your website are working properly and do not hinder your website’s efficiency, which can hurt your website in search engine rankings.

This analytical process also makes sure that the website is getting adequate traffic and if not, then the shortfalls are also recorded so that they can be rectified in future procedures. Website audits are done at regular intervals.

Elements Analyzed in Our Website Audit Service:

Robot Txt
Robot Txt is a protocol which helps in communicating with web crawlers or other robots. This helps to point out which areas of a particular website should not be allowed to process or get scanned.

Robot txt gives valuable information to the web robots about the functioning of a website so that they can make their work easier. Robot txt filters the access. It can safeguard the areas of the website which the webmaster doesn’t want the search engines to reach. Only those search engines can crawl into the website which is allowed by these.

HTTP Status Codes
The status code basically gives the status of a request and that if it is received or not. It conveys the fact that the request is received, understood and is being processed as per convenience and requirement.

Further, it also conveys that necessary actions are either in process or have been performed already as per the request that was made. The whole process is a responsive process to make things easier.

Discoverability, as the name suggests, is discovering or finding something of valuable. Most sites we work on have elements of value that, when enhaced, determines the quality of a website which helps it get traffic and also enables it to be shared and get related backlinks. At times design aspects are initiated to even better showcase your site’s value.

Site speed
The site speed is actually the speed at which the users of a website can access the contents of the website or interact with them. It is the execution of the activity of responding to the viewer’s request for accessing the page or the load time required for the viewers to read its contents.

The quicker the speed, an import Google ranking factor, the higher will be the traffic received by that particular site. If a viewer has to wait for a certain site, he might leave due to lack of patience. We assist in helping your site to its fastest speed.

URL Names
The uniform resource locator or URL is mainly used in order to access certain websites. The uniqueness of the name or how catchy it helps to get traffic in the search engines and as a result contributes to the popularity of the site. The URL name is visible in the address bar. These can indicate a protocol, a name or a hostname. At times, certain pages URLs may need to be simplified to be better found and understood by search engines.

URL Redirects
URL redirects is a universal web technique which helps to make one web page available under more URL addresses. As a result when a browser makes an attempt to open a particular URL that is redirected somewhere else, then a selected and better page can pop up.

META tag reviews
META tags are fragments of texts that appear in order to describe the contents of the particular page. It is not however always present on the page and is mentioned only in the code of the page. These are small descriptors which act really handy in projecting the main theme of the whole content to its potential viewers. We update/fix META tags so your website focus can be clearer to search engines.


Keyword Research Services

Why the need for our keyword research services?

Keyword research is important if you want your content to show up in Google search results for your business or services. All searches online start with a keyword or keyword phrases.

Selected keywords and related terms are then implemented on your website and in META tags. Selecting keywords is a very important task. Our keyword research services endeavor to select keywords that have volume and low competition. The selected words can be a phrase or a long tail sentence.

Different elements we analyze for our keyword research service

Keyword Density
Some clients have allowed nefarious SEO teams to provide improper content to their website – using keywords too many times on a page. This over optimization can harm your website in search engines. We make sure that the density of your keywords is appropriate to the total words in your paragraphs and page. We use LSI keywords (related keywords) to make clear to search engines what your focus is.

We Understand your keyword intent
We research your site to know what your audience is looking at, understand their intentions, and then devise your keywords accordingly. If your site is informative, then your keyword intent needs to be informative too. Whereas on an online store, the keyword intent is more likely to be BUYER keywords. Whatever your site focus, we research keywords that will work for the audience you are searching for.

We pay attention to keyword type
As per SEO rules, long tail keywords have a better chance of showing up in search results than short keywords or phrases. They may not have the search volume as one or two word phrases, but those using long tail keywords are closer to the buying cycle than those using short phrases. We make sure we incorporate all forms of keyword types to best get your site found.

Keyword research tools
Our Keyword research tools are necessary to better find the best keywords to optimized your website for. Using these tools effectively means your sites will rank faster and grow traffic faster.


Local SEO Optimization Services

97% of online searchers are looking for local services. If this is you, we get your site optimized to be found locally – Sales can be minutes away!

Why Local SEO Optimization Services are Important

Local SEO Optimization helps in targeted marketing and creates an online basis for your business. It gives online exposure to potential customers who want to find specific markets in their local area.

Elements of Our Local Optimization Services

Meta Tags, though not visible are elemental in telling search engines where you are located. Google uses geo targeting to identify where searchers are. We optimize your META tags so that search engines can see where you are located and direct searchers to your website. Though meta tags aren’t the biggest factor for Local SEO Optimization, it is useful for local bases and helps search engines get a compact idea of the location of your services.

Scheme Mark-Up
Scheme mark-ups are the important tools for website identification, whether it be your locality or your services. Scheme mark-ups are codes, also known as semantic vocabulary, helps users to find the information they are looking for.

Scheme-mark-ups help not only to find what your page is about but also explains what your site means. This basic feature of scheme-mark-ups helps the search engines to index your page in the proper way. According to research, less than 1% of the web pages use these snippets.

NAP stands for Name, Address, and Phone Number. NAP is a prominent tool for better ranking in locally based ‘organic’ searches. Search engines consider this a valuable piece of information for locally targeted businesses because of the consistency of the NAP. We make sure your NAP are consistent and error free.

The data in the NAP is collected, verified, compared and hence then distributed. Your local ranking might be heavily dependent upon NAP. Apart from the citations and ranking part, NAP helps potential customers get connected to you, spreading and enhancing your business growth.

Rich Content
Content is King. And for local websites, rich content is necessary to be found locally for your products or services. Without rich content your site will not be found online. In order to be found locally not only to we provide content that your local customers are asking about, we also provide content that is consistent with your location.

When customers find what they are looking for, engage with your provided data, they grow a sense of trust in your business, shares and spread the word if they find it interesting and authoritative. Apart from customers, search engines find them out, verify and compare your content and provide the best one to rank.

Local Link Building
Local link-building is a critical strategy for ranking of your page. Providing relevant and quality backlinks identifies your website locally. This is done by generating backlinks from local establishments outside (but maybe shoulder) to your niche.

A high-quality backlink can be relevant to the kind of business you are in, might be locally based, and may be relevant to your reputation building. We use guest posting, webmaster requests and other tactics to get local backlinks to your site.

Local Reviews
Local reviews are as important as the good content of your page. It is seen that more than 90% of the customers’ purchases are influenced by reviews.

Because why not? A critical feedback by a potential customer helping another of the same to make a purchase decision is the chisel to the stone. The web page with more customer reviews gets refined and surfaced by local search engines and provides an upper mark in the rankings. We help you get those reviews through our local search marketing.

Social Media
Not only does social media provides opportunistic connections, they create mass awareness locally for your business. With Google including connections in social media as a quality factor in rankings, they continue to be a key element in your local rankings and business credibility.


On-Page Optimization Services

What Is the purpose of Our On-Page Optimization Services?

On-Page optimization is a primary step in Search Engine Optimization or SEO. And it looks like it is increasingly being a more and more important factor as Google’s search engines look to it for clarity to a website’s purpose and who deserves the higher rankings. Our on page optimization services modify your website and all its contents to incorporate key elements to rank higher than the competition:

Different elements that we analyze and update for our efficient On-page optimization services:

Keyword targeted content
After keyword research we optimize your website for your keywords terms and phrases. Our content is written in a natural way but also allows search engines to know what your main and secondary terms are. We don’t follow the methods of some search engine companies that endeavor to target one page per keyword. We realize through our experience that each page can rank for dozens to hundreds of keywords – while maintaining readability.

META tags
META tags are carefully researched and crafted before implementation on your website for its most effective use. META Titles and their hierarchy are essential elements in showing search engines that your site is serious about your topics. Though not a SEO ranking factor, META Descriptions are still very important as it targets the human element – the eyes. Visitors to the search engine result pages scan the results. META Title Tags and META descriptions can speak to the viewer and can cause them to select your site over a higher website – which can also help you rankings. We optimize your website thoroughly.

Image Optimization
Image optimization is essential to identifying your website’s services and products but also is a necessary part of thorough on page optimization. Coupled the META Title, content and keywords, optimize images work together to clarify what your website offers.

Understanding Google algorithm
Everyone wants to outrank others in terms of Google searches when it comes to their website. As a result, it is important to understand the algorithm of how Google works. The higher the rank, the higher will be the traffic on a website.

Google has brought about major changes and updates in their algorithms since 2011. Some of the examples of these can be named as Panda, Penguin and so on. These are mostly made to identify some deserving websites and give them more visibility and coverage. We stay on top of Google updates and keep your site safe.

Internal links
Internal links are basically links that lead from one page to another within a domain. They help in proper navigation and are essential in establishing a hierarchy of information for your website.

Outbound links
Outbound links are links which connect to external sites. Having relevant outbound links show your website’s support of relevant, supporting content. This is used for a number of reasons, including linking to sources for our data, linking to supporting documentation and even linking to relevant news sources. All in all we look for key outbound linking support.

Quality Rich Content
As you already may know, quality content is the key to increased ranking, website traffic and authority sculpting. In order to optimize a website, quality contents acts as a major contributor to its success. It is only qualitative, relevant and useful data that attracts more viewers to the website. Using informative keywords and useful links we help you site to be better seen as an important website for which high ranking can be applied.

We craft content on your site that not only shows you as an authority and a go to guide on your topic, but we also make content that is linkable and encourages sharing with others. This is an important aspect to high website ranking.


White Hat Backlink Services

Google has over 200 elements that are to be considered for ranking your website, with backlinking a primary element.

Efficient Backlink Services:

Why You need Our Backlink Services:

Unlike outbound links, backlinks are links that direct users to your website page from a different site on the web. Backlinks are an important part of SEO tactics as it has a direct influence on your SEO rankings. So if you want to increase your visibility and increase traffic to your content, incorporating relevant backlinks is the way to go.

Don’t be fooled by sites that can promise you hundreds or thousands of backlinks in days. This method is dated … and dangerous. Many who are fooled by those services and have gotten their websites banned from search engines.

Our Methods for getting whitehat backlinks:

Guest Posts
A lot of websites welcome guest posts. These posts allow you to increase your website’s reach and influence. These posts also allow you to publicize your content and your expertise. By including backlinks to your site you will see an increase in relevant traffic as well as sales or inquiries into your service.

We do guest post research and outreach to get your posts to key websites who are already targeting your audience. And unlike blackhat strategies, white hat guest posting to real websites continues to grow in strength, thus benefiting your website.

Infographics are another great way to earn backlinks. Infographics, being visual data, draws more user interest as it looks attractive and is easy to read. When creating infographics we choose trending topics and use statistical data.

In addition to creating attractive, informative backlinks, we make them shareable by adding shareable code to each infographic. This will exponentially increase your reach and help you extract the best value out of your effort.

Press Release Service
In the age of the internet, it is very common to find sponsored content on different websites you visit. For example, your articles could be featured on a newspaper’s website. Of course, when you do this, the published content will include links to your website. And since it is coming from a trustworthy source, all the trust transfers to your content. We incorporate a consistent press release strategy.

Blog Outreach
Blog outreach is another way to generate more traffic via backlinks. This entails seeking out active bloggers in your sectors and have them put up backlinks for you in posted articles. We start by scouring blog directories in your niche. We then make sure we select bloggers with a large enough fan base, so you get continuous traffic. We also research relevant bloggers and understand their style. Reach out to them and see whether they are willing to work with us. In the long run, we endeavor to establish healthy relationships with blogger which benefits your website immensely.

Directory Submission
Web directories are a list of websites that can increase your presence across the internet. In the directory, websites are categorized based on their content. Search engines consider this factor when deciding your ranking. Think of these directories as citations for your website. The more authority a web directory has, the more users trust it.

And keep in mind. Customers are looking many different places for your services. We by using business directories, we grow your footprint and locations your website is seen.


Additional Expert SEO Services

Pay Per Click Services

What is the purpose of PPC?

Through Pay Per click services owners pay their a desired amount of money for ads that are created and displayed on various websites. They only pay for each click by a visitor, nothing more.

As soon as a viewer clicks on the ad, the owner pays the cost per click from his said budget. It acts as a major contributor in quickly generating visitors to your website and improving the quality of the website. It also helps the website in getting more coverage and an added incentive due to various ads.

It is one of the most profitable schemes which yield a very high return on investment compared to other schemes. It basically helps in purchasing visits to the desired website. This is a very smart marketing venture which benefits both Google and owners of websites.

What does effective PPC management entail?

We will oversee and manage your PPC ads, giving you the best ROI for money spent. This includes the best choices of keywords that will target and find those searching for your products or services.

In order for PPC campaigns to be successful, it’s a combination of the right keywords and landing page optimization. This may mean at times optimizing your website and related landing pages for better effectiveness.

Our PPC Management brings visitors to your site. Ask us about this service.


Social Media Posting Services

As the name suggests, our social media posting services uses a professional team that takes up the responsibility of managing your social media presence. As a business owner, it is extremely important to have a strong social media presence apart from your own professional business-website.  There is also evidence that Google sees this as a possible indirect assist in your rankings.

A Facebook page or a business account on Twitter and Instagram can work wonders for your business, be it big or small. But, more often than not, you as a business owner cannot afford the time to handle their social media accounts themselves.

Here is where we come in. We offer you services that include the posting of  social media accounts we post pictures, videos and more to grow your internet profile and your authority in your niche. This is a good long-term investment.

Being found online these days is more than just having your website ranking. We get you found on social platforms as well. In addition, we help you get your voice found on major social media platforms as well: Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and more.